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Do Rabbits Eat Mums? (Insightful Guide for Garden Owners)

Gary Brooks
Written by Gary Brooks Last Updated: December 15, 2023

Have you ever watched a rabbit munch on something and wondered if it’s safe? I have. My fluffy friend, Mr. Whiskers, has an appetite for all things green.

Rabbits are known to eat many plants but not all of them are good for their health. Mums or chrysanthemums is one such plant that comes into question often.

So do rabbits really eat mums? Let’s find out together.

Are Chrysanthemums on the Menu?

Chrysanthemums, or mums as they’re often called, are pretty flowers. But can rabbits eat them? The short answer is no. Mums contain pyrethrins which are harmful to rabbits.

Pyrethrins attack the nervous system of insects but also affect small animals like your bunny friend. When a rabbit eats these flowers, it may feel sick and show signs of poisoning such as shaking or drooling.

So while you might love having mums in your garden for their bright colors and sweet scent, keep them away from your pet rabbit’s reach. Remember that not all plants safe for humans are safe for our furry friends too.

Rabbits’ Diet

Rabbits are herbivores. This means they eat plants. Their diet is made up of hay, vegetables, and fruits.

Mums or chrysanthemums are a type of flower. They come in many colors like yellow, pink and white. Many people ask if rabbits can eat mums.

The answer is no. Mums contain pyrethrins which can harm your rabbit’s health.

Pyrethrins affect the nervous system of insects but also small animals such as rabbits too.

If you have these flowers at home keep them away from your bunny friend to ensure their safety.

In conclusion: while bunnies love veggies and some types of flowers – mums aren’t one that should be on their menu.

Is There a Fix to Keep the Rabbit From Eating My Flowers?

Rabbits are cute but they can be a problem for your garden. They love to nibble on plants, including mums. Mums, also known as chrysanthemums, are colorful flowers that rabbits find tasty.

But don’t worry. There’s a fix to keep them from eating your precious blooms. One way is by using rabbit repellents available in the market. These products have smells and tastes that rabbits dislike.

Another method is fencing around your flower beds or gardens. This physical barrier keeps bunnies away from munching on those beautiful petals.

Remember though – always make sure any solution you use doesn’t harm the bunny or other wildlife visiting your yard.

Are Carnations Poisonous to Rabbits?

Rabbits are curious creatures. They like to nibble on various plants and flowers. Carnations, however, may not be the best choice for your bunny friend.

Carnations contain certain chemicals that can harm rabbits. When eaten in large amounts, these flowers could make your rabbit sick. The symptoms might include a loss of appetite or changes in behavior.

To keep your pet safe, it’s better to avoid carnations altogether. Instead, offer them fresh hay or rabbit-safe vegetables as treats. Remember: what seems harmless to us humans can sometimes pose risks for our furry friends.

Plants That Rabbits Will Eat

Rabbits are known for their love of munching on various plants. One plant they might eat is the mum, a popular garden flower. Mums have bright colors and strong scents that can attract rabbits.

However, it’s important to note that mums aren’t the best food choice for your rabbit. They contain pyrethrins which can be harmful if ingested in large amounts by bunnies. If you catch your pet nibbling on these flowers, don’t panic right away.

While small bites won’t harm them immediately, regular consumption could lead to health issues over time. So keep an eye out and make sure other safer greens like lettuce or spinach are available instead.

Rabbit-Resistant Annuals and Perennials

Rabbits are picky eaters. They have their favorite foods, and mums aren’t one of them. Mums, also known as chrysanthemums, fall under the category of rabbit-resistant plants.

What does this mean? Simply put, rabbits tend to avoid these flowers when they’re out foraging. The reason behind it is still unclear but some experts believe that it’s due to the strong scent emitted by mums.

However, remember that ‘rabbit-resistant’ doesn’t always mean ‘rabbit-proof’. If a rabbit is hungry enough or if food sources are scarce, they might nibble on your precious mums too. It’s best to keep an eye on your garden just in case.

Trees and Shrubs Rarely Eaten by Rabbits

Rabbits are picky eaters. They have a keen sense of what’s good for them and what isn’t. Mums, also known as chrysanthemums, fall into the category of ‘not so much’.

These fluffy creatures prefer fresh greens over mums any day. It is not that they can’t nibble on these flowers. It just doesn’t happen often.

Trees and shrubs rarely eaten by rabbits include those with strong scents or bitter tastes. Mums possess both qualities which deter rabbits from eating them.

However, hunger may drive a rabbit to consume less desirable plants like mums occasionally but this happens infrequently compared to their consumption of preferred foods such as lettuce or carrots.

Rabbit-Resistant Plants

Rabbits are known for their love of munching on plants. But do they eat mums? Surprisingly, no. Mums or chrysanthemums aren’t a favorite snack for rabbits.

These colorful flowers contain pyrethrins. It’s a natural compound that can deter pests like insects and rabbits too. This makes mums an excellent choice if you’re looking to add rabbit-resistant plants in your garden.

But remember, not all rabbits may avoid them completely as it depends on the individual rabbit’s taste preference and hunger level too. Always keep an eye out just to be sure your precious blooms stay intact.

Rabbit-Resistant Vegetables

Rabbits are known for their love of vegetables. However, not all veggies are safe or appealing to them. Mums, a type of flowering plant also called chrysanthemums, fall into this category.

While mums may look tasty to us humans with their bright colors and lush petals, rabbits usually steer clear from these plants. This is due to the natural toxins present in mums that can harm your rabbit’s digestive system if ingested.

So yes, it’s fair to say that mums make up part of the list of rabbit-resistant vegetables you could consider planting in your garden as a deterrent against bunny nibbling.

Protecting Your Garden From Rabbit Damage

Rabbits are known for their love of munching on plants. If you have mums in your garden, they may be at risk. Rabbits find these flowers quite tasty.

To protect your garden from rabbit damage, there are a few steps to take. First off, fencing is an effective method. A fence that’s about two feet high should do the trick.

Another way is using repellents around your mums. There are many safe and natural options available online or at local stores.

Lastly, planting less appealing plants near the mums can deter rabbits too. This could save those beautiful blooms from becoming bunny food.

Alternative Plants and Landscaping

Rabbits love to munch on a variety of plants. But, do they eat mums? The answer is yes. Rabbits will often nibble on these flowers if given the chance.

Yet, it’s not ideal for them. Mums contain pyrethrins which can be harmful to rabbits in large amounts. So what should you plant instead?

Consider marigolds or roses as alternatives in your garden landscape design plan because rabbits usually avoid these types of plants due to their strong smell and thorny stems respectively.

You might also think about using rabbit repellents around your mums if you still want them part of your landscaping but don’t want any bunny trouble.


Gary Brooks
Gary Brooks

Gary Brooks is an avid rabbit lover and has been taking care of them ever since he was a kid. He's written many books on the subject and frequently gives advice on diet, care and much more.

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