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How to Get Rid of Rabbits Under Deck (Simple, Effective Methods)

Gary Brooks
Written by Gary Brooks Last Updated: January 4, 2024

Have you ever looked out your window and spotted a rabbit under your deck? It’s cute, right? But what happens when that one bunny turns into several?

I’ve been there. As an owner of pet rabbits myself, I understand the appeal but also know the problems they can cause.

Getting rid of these uninvited guests is not as hard as it might seem. Let me share some simple steps with you on how to handle this situation without causing harm to our furry friends.

How to Get Rid of Rabbits Under Deck, Shed, Porch, or House

Rabbits under your deck can be a nuisance. They chew on wood and plants, leaving damage behind. The first step is to make sure it’s rabbits you’re dealing with. Look for small round droppings or burrows in the ground.

Once confirmed, consider humane methods of removal. Live traps are one option but remember that released rabbits should be at least 5 miles away from your home so they don’t return.

Another method is using repellents like vinegar or garlic spray around the area where they frequent most often which will deter them without causing harm.

Trapping and Relocating Rabbits From Your Yard

Trapping is a good way to remove rabbits from under your deck. You can buy humane traps at most stores. These are cages that trap the rabbit without hurting it.

Once you catch a rabbit, don’t just let it go in your yard. It will likely return to its home under your deck. Instead, take the trapped rabbit far away before releasing it.

Remember not to harm or stress out the animal during this process. Rabbits are gentle creatures and deserve our respect and kindness.

Do Rabbits Really Attract Other Rodents?

Rabbits under your deck can attract other rodents. Mice and rats may be drawn to the food and shelter a rabbit’s burrow provides. It creates an ecosystem that is ideal for these unwanted guests.

The presence of rabbits can also lead to damage in your garden or yard as they are known for their digging habits. This makes it important to address any rabbit issues promptly.

In conclusion, while rabbits themselves might not directly attract other rodents, their activities could make your space more appealing to them.

How Bad Is Having Rabbits Underneath a Deck?

Having rabbits under your deck might seem cute at first. But, it can cause problems you may not expect. These furry creatures love to dig and chew. Over time, they could weaken the structure of your deck by digging burrows or gnawing on wood supports. They also leave droppings that are unsightly and unhealthy for humans if left uncleaned. So while they’re adorable to watch from afar, having them live under your deck isn’t ideal.

Can I Trap and Release Rabbits in My Yard?

Yes, you can trap and release rabbits in your yard. This is a humane way to deal with unwanted guests under your deck. You’ll need a live rabbit trap which you can buy online or at a local store. Bait the trap with fresh vegetables like carrots or lettuce to lure them in.

Once trapped, take care not to harm the bunny as you transport it away from your property. Release it in an area where they are allowed and have plenty of food sources available.

Remember that this method may be subject to local wildlife laws so always check first.

How Much Does It Cost to Professionally Remove Rabbits From Your Deck?

Hiring a pro to remove rabbits from under your deck can cost between $200 and $400. This price often includes an inspection, removal, and prevention methods. Some pros may also offer cleanup services for an extra fee. It’s wise to get quotes from different companies before making a decision. Remember that while this method costs more upfront than DIY solutions, it is usually the most effective long-term solution against rabbit invasions.

Control &Amp Removal of Rabbits Near Your Deck

Rabbits near your deck can be a problem. They dig holes and nibble on plants. But don’t worry, you can control this issue.

First, block their access points. Use wire mesh or wood to seal the gaps under your deck. Make sure it’s buried at least 12 inches deep so they can’t burrow underneath.

Secondly, remove food sources like garden veggies or bird seed spillage from around the area of your deck. Rabbits are less likely to stay if there isn’t much for them to eat.

Lastly, consider humane traps if needed but always check local laws first as some areas have restrictions on trapping wildlife.

Installing Barriers to Prevent Rabbit Entry

Installing barriers is a good way to keep rabbits from getting under your deck. One option is chicken wire. It’s strong and rabbits can’t chew through it. You’ll need to bury it at least 6 inches deep so they can’t dig under.

Another choice could be lattice panels. They add a nice touch while keeping the bunnies out. Remember, any barrier should have holes smaller than an inch.

A professional may help if you’re unsure about doing this yourself or if the problem persists despite efforts.

Secure Structures to Prevent Rabbit Infestation

Rabbits love to find cozy spots under decks. To keep them out, you need a secure structure. Start by inspecting your deck closely. Look for any gaps or holes where rabbits could sneak in.

Once you’ve found these spaces, it’s time to block them off. Use materials like wire mesh or wood boards that are tough enough to resist rabbit teeth and claws.

Regular checks are key too – make sure the barriers stay intact over time so those pesky rabbits can’t move back in again.

Do Rabbits Really Attract Other Rodents?

Rabbits under your deck can indeed attract other rodents. Mice and rats are drawn to the food scraps that rabbits often leave behind. This could lead to a bigger pest problem in your yard. Also, the burrows made by rabbits provide ready-made homes for these smaller creatures. So if you’ve noticed more than just bunnies around, it might be time to take action against this unwanted invasion of furry critters.

How Bad Is Having Rabbits Underneath a Deck?

Having rabbits under your deck might seem cute at first. But, it can cause problems you may not expect. These furry creatures love to dig and chew. Over time, they could weaken the structure of your deck by digging burrows or chewing on wood supports. Plus, their droppings left behind are unsightly and unhygienic.

Rabbits also attract predators like foxes or coyotes that you don’t want near your home for safety reasons.

Can You Use Cinnamon to Keep Rabbits Away?

Cinnamon can be used to deter rabbits. It’s a strong scent that they don’t like. Sprinkle it around the deck area where you’ve seen them.

This method is safe for both your garden and the rabbit. But remember, rain or watering will wash away the cinnamon so reapply as needed.

Also, this isn’t a surefire solution but could help keep those furry friends from making themselves at home under your deck.

Natural Deterrents to Keep Rabbits Away From Your House

Rabbits can be cute. But when they start living under your deck, it’s a problem. They dig holes and eat plants.

There are natural ways to deter them though. One is using garlic or vinegar sprays around the area. Rabbits dislike these smells so they’ll avoid those spots.

Another way is by planting rabbit-repelling flowers like marigolds or geraniums near your deck. These methods won’t harm the rabbits but will keep them away from your house effectively.

Using Vinegar and Garlic Spray as a Rabbit Deterrent

Vinegar and garlic spray can be a useful tool to deter rabbits. This natural remedy is easy to make at home. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and water, then add crushed garlic cloves.

Spray this mixture around your deck area. The strong smell will keep the rabbits away as they don’t like it. But remember, you need to reapply after rain or heavy dew because the scent fades over time.

Using such sprays not only helps in keeping your deck rabbit-free but also avoids harming these creatures.

Utilizing Motion-Activated Sprinklers or Air Cans Against Rabbits

Rabbits under your deck can be a problem. But don’t worry, there’s an easy solution: motion-activated sprinklers or air cans. These devices sense movement and release water or air to scare the rabbits away.

Motion-activated sprinklers work well because rabbits dislike getting wet. Air cans make loud noises that frighten them off too. It’s simple to set up these tools around your deck area.

Remember, this method doesn’t harm the bunnies at all – it just encourages them to find another place for their home.

Predator Scents to Scare Off Rabbits

Predator scents can help you deal with rabbits under your deck. These smells imitate the scent of animals that hunt rabbits, like foxes or coyotes. When a rabbit sniffs these out, it thinks there’s danger nearby and runs away.

You can buy predator urine online or at hunting stores. Sprinkle it around your deck regularly for best results. Just remember to keep pets and kids away from the area after application.

Do Rabbits Really Attract Other Rodents?

Rabbits under your deck can be a problem. Not only do they chew on plants, but they may also attract other rodents. It’s true that rabbits themselves are not rodents, but their presence could invite unwanted guests like rats or mice.

These pests might see the rabbit burrow as an ideal home and move in too. So yes, having rabbits around could indirectly lead to more rodent issues for you to deal with. The key is preventing them from making a home under your deck in the first place.

How Much Does It Cost to Professionally Remove Rabbits From Your Deck?

Hiring a pro to remove rabbits from under your deck can cost between $200 and $400. This price range depends on the severity of the infestation, location, and company rates. It’s not cheap but it is effective. The pros have tools and skills that most homeowners don’t possess. They also know how to do this task humanely without causing harm to the animals or your property.

Use of Chili Powder or Flakes Against Rabbits

Chili powder or flakes can help you get rid of rabbits under your deck. Rabbits dislike the strong smell and taste of chili. Sprinkle some around your deck area. Be careful not to overdo it, as too much might harm plants nearby.

Remember that rain washes away the chili so reapply after wet weather. It’s a safe method for both humans and pets in small amounts.

You should see fewer rabbits with regular use of this spicy deterrent.

Planting Rabbit Deterring Plants in Your Garden

Planting certain plants can help deter rabbits from your garden and deck. Rabbits dislike the smell of some flowers, herbs, and shrubs. For example, lavender has a strong scent that rabbits find unpleasant.

You might also consider planting garlic or onions near your deck. These have pungent smells which most rabbits don’t like either. Remember to keep these plants healthy as their scent is key in keeping those furry visitors away from under your deck.

Professional Help for Rabbit Infestation

If rabbits have made a home under your deck, it may be time to call in the professionals. Pest control experts can safely remove these furry creatures without causing harm. They use methods like live traps and repellents that are safe for both the animals and your family. Plus, they’ll know how to seal off access points so you won’t face this problem again. It’s an easy solution when dealing with rabbit infestations under decks.

Spraying Rabbit Repellent Around Your Property

Spraying rabbit repellent is a smart move. It’s an easy way to keep rabbits from nesting under your deck. You can find many types of repellents in stores or online.

Some use strong smells that rabbits don’t like, such as garlic and pepper. Others taste bad to them, discouraging nibbling on plants around the deck area.

Always follow the instructions on the label for best results. Remember, reapply after rain since it washes away easily.

Pump Up the (Ultrasonic) Volume to Drive Rabbits Away

Ultrasonic devices can help drive rabbits away from under your deck. These gadgets emit a high-frequency sound that’s unpleasant to rabbits but not heard by humans. You just place them near the deck and turn them on. The annoying noise makes the area less appealing, so rabbits will likely move elsewhere for peace and quiet. This method is safe for both you and the animals, making it an ideal solution if you’re dealing with this problem at home.

Do Rabbits Really Attract Other Rodents?

Rabbits under your deck may seem cute. But, they can draw other rodents to your yard. Mice and rats often come for the food that rabbits drop from their mouths.

These small critters also like the shelter a rabbit burrow provides. It’s warm, dry, and safe from predators there.

So yes, having rabbits around might attract more unwanted guests than you’d think. It’s best to encourage these furry visitors to find another home before this happens.

How Bad Is Having Rabbits Underneath a Deck?

Having rabbits under your deck might seem cute at first. But it can lead to problems over time. They dig burrows that weaken the structure of your deck. Rabbits also chew on wood, which could damage its foundation further. Lastly, they leave droppings around and this is not only unpleasant but unhealthy too.

These issues make it important for you to get rid of rabbits living underneath your deck as soon as possible.

Effectiveness of Onion and Chive Scraps in Repelling Rabbits

Onion and chive scraps can help you get rid of rabbits under your deck. These plants have a strong smell that rabbits dislike. Spread these scraps around the area where they hang out. This method is simple, natural, and safe for both pets and children.

The downside? It’s not always effective on all bunnies as some may be more tolerant to the scent than others. Also, this solution requires regular application especially after rain or watering your garden because water dilutes their aroma.

Entry &Amp Detection of Rabbit Burrows Under Structures

Rabbits are good at hiding. They can easily find a home under your deck, making burrows for shelter and safety. Spotting these burrows is the first step to get rid of rabbits.

Look for small holes around your deck’s base. These might be entrances to rabbit homes. The ground near them may look disturbed or have fresh dirt mounds.

Keep an eye out for rabbit droppings too. If you see some, there could be rabbits living under your deck.

Installing Chicken Wire to Keep Out Rabbits

Chicken wire is a great tool to keep rabbits from living under your deck. It’s easy to install and quite effective. First, measure the area around your deck. This tells you how much chicken wire you need.

Next, buy enough chicken wire for this space at any home improvement store. When choosing it, make sure the holes are small so bunnies can’t squeeze through them.

Then secure it around the perimeter of your deck using staples or ties. Digging down a few inches into the ground will help too since rabbits like digging tunnels.

Understanding the Rabbit Problem and Assessing the Damage

Rabbits under your deck can be a problem. They dig holes, eat plants and may cause damage to the structure of your deck. It’s important to understand what you’re dealing with before taking action.

Start by checking for signs of rabbits. Look for droppings or burrows near your deck area. If these are present, it means that there is indeed a rabbit issue at hand.

Next, assess any potential harm they’ve caused so far. This could include chewed wood or dug up gardens around the vicinity of the deck.


Gary Brooks
Gary Brooks

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